Patient Support Groups

As health professionals, we really want to support our patients. We realise that at times the person who may be able to help you most is someone else who is going through the same thing.

Many people who experience medical problems develop knowledge and ways of managing. This experience is equally important and often underestimated. They also know what you are going through.

We would like to facilitate safe and supportive environments where we can meet to ask questions and share our experiences

Suggestions have included menopause, miscarriage, people who are carers, people with financial difficulties, domestic abuse, weight loss or new parents.

We would love your suggestions about anything you would like to learn more about that you think may work in a group setting. We would also love to hear if there are challenges in life you have learned to manage and would be interested in sharing this with others. Email


We know that being a carer can be really challenging. We want to find ways to support people who are doing this really important role.

If you are a carer, or know anyone who is, we would love you to join us at Birley Health Centre.

We will have information on services, benefits and support. We will have some time for discussion about people’s experiences. You will be free to contribute or just listen. It may be helpful to meet people who have similar challenges and share some of the ways you manage to cope.

If you know somebody who is a carer please let them know about this! Share, screenshot or call them!

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