Books recommended by GPs

Recommended Health related books

Below are health related books on topics such general well-being, child-parent relationships, menopause, end of life, grief and sleep.

To generate this list, we have personally asked 1000’s of doctors and patients for their recommendations so hopefully it is a pretty rich list.

The time health professionals have to spend with each person may unfortunately feel too short. It does to us too! Books can distill hours of expert wisdom that can benefit those who enjoy reading. We have not personally read all these books, so we can't endorse everything they say. The list is also not exhaustive.

Be aware that that used books are available more cheaply at At and Amazon there is usually a ‘used’ option for common books. Also is a scheme run by UK libraries with various reading lists- e.g. young people's mental health, long-term conditions, dementia. They are all available to borrow through UK libraries and is supported by NHS and GPs.
Happy reading!

Books with a * have been recommended by doctors