Our Staff


Dr Charles Heatley

Senior Partner - Qualified Glasgow 1986

Special Interest: Mental Health/Cardiology.

Dr Gawain Davies

Qualified Sheffield 1988

Special Interest: Sports Medicine/Joint & Muscles.

Dr Kirsty Rogerson

Qualified at Liverpool University 1999

Special interest: General medicine and family planning.

Dr Michael Boyle

Qualified Sheffield 1989

Special Interest: Mental Health/Urology

Dr Ben Allen

Qualified Sheffield 2008

Special Interest Elderly Medicine and Service improvement

Dr Andrew Douglas

Qualified Sheffield 2009

Special Interest: Medical Education, and Health Promotion

Dr Tom Cliffe

Qualified Sheffield 2013

Special Interest: ENT and lifestyle Medication

Dr Simon Miller

Physician Associates

Their training is more similar in style to doctors than nurses, but shorter than a doctors training. At Birley they function more like the GPs, able to deal with any conditions. They normally have much longer appointments than GPs. They also work closely with the GPs, discussing more difficult cases where needed. They currently can not prescribe but this is likely to change in the future.

Katy Lawson-Matthew

Qualified Sheffield 2019

Hannah Smail

Qualified Sheffield 2020

Special Interest: Learning Disabilities

Trainee Doctors

Our trainee doctors are in fact qualified, prescribing doctors who are working towards their specialisation. They stay with us between 4 and 12 months. They often have longer appointments and they work closely with the GPs where needed.

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners are specialist prescribing nurses. They often specialise in dealing with common infections and other short term illnesses. They are also involved in routine care of people with certain long term conditions such as diabetes and asthma.


Whilst not a prescriber, they have often become expert in managing long term conditions such as diabetes, COPD or those on warfarin. They often have longer to support patients with these conditions. They also do injections, health advice, travel clinics and medication reviews.

Dawn Varney

Qualified Sheffield Advanced Diploma in Nursing Studies 2002. Bachelor of Medical Science 2005

Interests include COPD, Asthma, Childhood Immunisations, Womens Health.

Karen Howsham

Qualified Sheffield Advanced Diploma in Nursing Studies 2012

Interests include Anti-coagulation, Childhood Immunisations, Asthma

Healthcare Assistants

HCAs do many practical procedures such as blood tests, ECGs, injections and supporting the nurses.

Denise Lough

Mary Byrne

Caroline Beeden

Practice Management

Sam Fellowes

Practice Manager


Pharmacists are increasingly working within GP practices. They do medication reviews, help with medication requests and help ensure safe prescribing practice.

Community Nurses

The District Nurses provide nursing care in your home offer a 24-hour service, seven days a week. In practice however, most visits are carried out between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Referrals can be made from a variety of sources e.g. by a GP, hospital, other professionals, relatives, carers or by the patient themselves. Telephone 0114-271 6422 to contact the 24-hour District Nursing service.

Health Visitors

Health Visitors are qualified nurses with special training and experience in Child Health, Health Promotion and Health Education. They are here to listen to you, help, advise and support you in all sorts of situations. If you have recently registered at the practice and have children under 5 years you can contact the Health Visitors for support if needed. Telephone 0114-265 2221.