Food and lifestyle

How we live, eat, move and relate to others has more impact on our health than anything. These books give inspiration, science and practical ideas that can help us to make steps towards health.


* Four Pillar Plan by Rangan Chatterjee’s

An incredibly simple framework for taking control of our health. He divides health into four pillars: diet, rest, sleep and movement. By making small, easily achievable changes in each of these key areas, you can find and maintain good health - and avoid illness.


* 8 week blood sugar diet by Dr M Mosley

n this book about the greatest health problem of our time Dr Michael Mosley pulls together the latest scientific studies and weaves in moving human stories. If you have raised blood sugar levels or type 2 diabetes and are interested in trying to regain full health, this is the book for you.


* Gut by Giulia Enders

Our gut is as important as our brain or heart, yet we know very little about how it works and many of us are too embarrassed to ask questions.

In Gut, Giulia Enders breaks this taboo, revealing the latest science on how much our digestive system has to offer.

From our miraculous gut bacteria — which can play a part in obesity, allergies, depression and even Alzheimer’s — to the best position to poo, this entertaining and informative health handbook shows that we can all benefit from getting to know the wondrous world of our inner workings.



* Spoon-Fed: Why almost everything we’ve been told about food is wrong by Tim Spector
A groundbreaking book that forces us to question every diet plan, official recommendation, miracle cure or food label we encounter, and encourages us to rethink our whole relationship with food. Diet may be the most important medicine we all possess. We urgently need to learn how best to use it, not just for our health as individuals but for the future of the planet.


*Fast, Feast, Repeat by Gin Stephens on intermittent fasting and the insulin hypothesis of weight loss/gain

Diets don't work. You know you know that, and yet you continue to try them, because what else can you do? You can Fast. Feast. Repeat. After losing over eighty pounds and keeping every one of them off, Gin Stephens started a vibrant, successful online community with hundreds of thousands of members from around the world who have learned the magic of a Delay, Don't Deny(R) intermittent fasting lifestyle.


* The Circadian Code by Satchin Panda

New science is revealed, showing that the timings of our day (when we eat, sleep, exercise, work) are more crucial than we ever thought before. And that, most importantly, if your daily schedule is out of sync with your circadian rhythms, you can fix it!


* Magical art of tidying up by Marie Kondo

Transform your home into a permanently clear and clutter-free space. It will not just transform your space. Once you have your house in order you will find that your whole life will change. You can feel more confident, you can become more successful, and you can have the energy and motivation to create the life you want.


Alignment matters by Katie Bowman

Clear, engaging, enjoyable and unconventional ride through the human body, include stretches, habit modifications, spiritual insights, and enough belly laughs to soften even the tightest psoas. Couch potatoes, professional athletes, and everyone in between all have something to learn about movement. With this book readers will gain a better understanding of the incredible, complex, and always fascinating human body.


Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink

Studies have shown that 90% of our eating decisions are made without any conscious choice. Dr Brian Wansink lays bare the facts about our true eating habits to show that awareness of our patterns can allow us to lose weight effectively and without serious changes to our lives. Forget calorie counting and starving yourself and learn the truth about why we overeat in this fascinating, innovative guide.


The 28 Day Alcohol-Free Challenge: Sleep Better, Lose Weight, Boost Energy, Beat Anxiety by Ruari Fairbairns

Be happier, healthier and more productive by taking a break from booze! An essential day-by-day guide packed with inspiration and practical help, The 28 Day Alcohol-Free Challenge is the only help you need to reset your drinking habits and discover a hangover-free world of quality time to achieve your goals. Including having a great time at parties, resisting appeals from friends to 'just have the one' and, most importantly, how to make the most of the health benefits of going sober.